Dia Katikus


Age: 21 Years

Gagged Level: 5.85

"The Curious Girl"


Hi to all,

My name is Dia Katikus but all call me just "Katikus". Name sounds well or? :-)

My favorite till now is modeling nude. I like to show my body and yes also to show how I come at orgasm.

Who not like loud deep orgasms.

But now I think, its not enough, I want to try something new. And this experience is great. More than I thought. I love Latex and the sliding feeling on my skin when I put a lot lot fluid inside a suit for example.

Favorite outfits are suits, because then I feel it everywhere on my body.

But that is not enough. I want feel hard long orgasms in Latex. By the way I am very practicing deep throat and so I also love the feeling of being gagged.

Most shootings I do from now will be in Latex, gagged and sure toys for crazy orgasm.

My first shooting was crazy, hot and funny. You can see below. Just click on first photo. :-)

Oh... yes that hook was really in my ass....

So.... have fun... and the profile text here will be continued. Who know what will add on my favorites in future.... :-)


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