Olga Bird


Age: 25 Years

Gag Level: 5.27

"The Curious Girl"


Hello Everybody,


Here l will describe me a little.


My hobby is Yoga to find the balance in my soul.

But you will see, Yoga is not just this, I am very flexible and this is perfect for the shootings.


I love it to try new things and find the borders of myself, find out how far I can go and see what pleasure it gives to me.


Feel very tight clothes like latex or corsets on my skin makes me very excited and crazy. Sure that I also wear latex in public and also sure that people look at me. Thats what I like and need. Attention!!


Bondage and Toys are also something what I more and more loved and now it is a fix part of my sexuality. To wear a toy deep inside me is something normal for me. I need that feeling while walking and its endless pleasure. There is only one problem, when wear a plug or dildo, I get very fast very... :-) So its necessary to wear latex in this vicious circle of pleasure. Like to wear toys needs to wear latex. Like to wear latex needs to wear toys in case of get very hot.


Another thing I really love, are gags. My favorite kind of gags are ball gags and mouth spreader. Its a feeling of devotion when my mouth is strict wide open by mouth spreader which has also good advantages in some kinds of games. ;-)

The ball gag i very like at how it looks like. I think it makes me beautiful and underlines my outfit. There are days when i really need to wear a ball gag also outside. Sure not extremely where a lot of people. But in the park while a walk it is nice to wear. And feel when the spit is dropping on my outfit.


I am absolutely not shy and live in my world and do what I like. And sure that I like girls. ;-) Kissing a girl, also when she wears a gag is very exciting for me. On our site here you see one shooting when I wear a dildo gag and Olivia was deep throating the dildo right in front of my eyes. It was really hot and I felt like... Hmmm. :-)


This year in summer you will see a lot of shootings outside, in latex, gags or wearing a toy.


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