Sade Mare


Age: 21 Years

Gagged Level: 4.75

"The Curious Girl"


Hello together,

I am Sade Mare and love tight outfits very shiny made of latex. Also I like the tight feeling of corsets in combination with very high boots.

You should know that i am a ballerina with experience, and so I do also shootings with ballet heels. In future there will be a lot galleries with ballet heels, also outside on the street. ;-)

Attention will be granted I think, but this is what I like. People looking and stand with open mouth and can´t believe what they see. ;-)

Another favorite and sure a reason why I am here with my friends on our site, is that i love gags.

The strict feeling to have open wide my mouth. Devotion is a part of me, and I like the little pain when wear nipple clamps.

So have fun, I hope you like what you see...


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