Takha Filatova


Age: 22 Years

Gagged Level: 5.80

"The Curious Girl"


Sometimes blond, sometimes red head beautiful stile. Sometimes the dark bitch.

Hard to describe myself, but one thing is sure. I love hot crazy, funny and unusual outfits. Most bad for me is the average.

I am not average!!

My fist shooting with gags... How it was? - Great. - LOVE IT !

The favorite gag is the mouth spreader or all what opens wide. Metal I like most, if at my ankles, wrist or neck.

Be tight and gagged is a outstanding feeling to me.

What the future bring? MORE of crazy hot shootings.
In moment I am practicing a lot things - from outfits to hot action.

Write me your ideas and imaginations for further shootings  ;-)  Maybe it will happen in reality.




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